Are you working on your business – or in your business?


One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a business owner is to create a company that is dependent on your daily involvement for its success.

This is what I call working “in” your business. You’re writing basic sales letters, attaching stamps, and guiding staff step-by-step through each task.

There are a number of problems with this approach. One is redundancy. You’re paying your staff to carry out tasks that you eventually complete. The second is poor time management. You’re spending your day – at your high hourly rate – on tasks as they arise, leaving little room for the tasks you need to be focused on, such as building your business.

The solution here lies in effective systemisation of your business. Clearly established policies and procedures that empower your staff to take on the responsibility of running daily operations.


HRMWEB at the 2012 Telstra Business Awards

HRMWEB awarded as one of Telstra's 2012 Business Award Finalists! We are proud to announce that HRMWEB was named a finalist in two 2012 Telstra Business Award categories: "People's Choice" and "Small Business of the Year". We are particularly chuffed to be a finalist in the People's Choice category as it relied on voting by the public for the business that they wanted to support.  Many thanks to our clients and their staff who voted to get us over the line and into the finalist group! Details
Cloud computing concept with copy space

On Cloud Nine: why your business solutions should be “in the cloud”

This month we are looking at the concept of “the cloud”. It’s something that has been around for a long time but has only recently gained widespread recognition as the next best thing when it comes to information technology.   In this article we will look at: - what “cloud computing” is,  - what the benefits of having your IT solutions housed in the cloud are. - a real life example of one business who thanked its lucky stars that it had all of its IT systems and data in the cloud. So how do we know so much about the cloud? Well we use cloud based systems/tools to operate our business (i.e. Gmail, Google Docs, Xero etc) and we house our easyEMPLOYER staff management software solution in the cloud. We wouldn't have it any other way! So read on and learn more about the cloud... Details